Amazons of pre-Ukrainian Territories

7th to 5th centuries BC

Submitted by Jarko Sichynsky, 2012 Jarko1

Women warriors: First thought to be a myth

"What kinds of weapon did the Amazons have at their disposal? According to the ancient writers and iconographic evidence, the basic arms of the female fighters were bows and arrows, darts, spears, and also double battle-axes. Among the defensive weapons, the Greek authors mentioned shields in the form of a half-moon, battle-belts, and Hellenic bronze helmets (Miroshina 1995: 6).

"The Amazons were closely connected with horses. In the written records they are described not only as brave warriors, but at the same time as skilful equestrians. The great role of the horse in the life of the Amazons is demonstrated vividly by the names of three legendary Amazon queens: Lisippa, Hippo, and Hippolita (Johns-Blay 1997:70).

"The ancient myth was suddenly verified by the proof of rich female graves containing full sets of weapons and horse trappings. The extraordinary material honours that were paid to these deceased women are a clear indication of the deep respect for women in Sauromatian society, and perhaps even the belief among this tribe in the Mother Goddess (Mother Ancestor) cult. The Sauromatian females were not only brave warriors, they also held many religious and ritual functions. Only female burials contain portable stone altars and bone spoons adorned with the figures of beasts - evidently ritual objects. And, at the same time, very often we find in these graves a full set of weapons."

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Amazons in the Scythia: New Finds at the Middle Don, Southern RussiaAuthor(s): Valeri I. GuliaevReviewed work(s): Source: World Archaeology, Vol. 35, No. 1, The Social Commemoration of Warfare (Jun.,2003), pp. 112-125 Published by: Taylor & Francis, Ltd.


Submitted by Jarko Sichynsky, 2012

"Rolle had discovered the graves of women buried with bows and arrows, swords and armour in the steppes of present-day Ukraine.

"The theory was the patriarchal Greeks had invented these women to show the infiinite superiority of males: okay, so women could ride, fight and kill, but they could never win. They were depicted as skimpy, smooth-cheeked creatures wearing trouses and pointy hats.

"They threw off their chains, slaughtered their Greek captors and took control of the ship. Unskilled in navigation, they drifted for days before reaching shore on the sea of Azov in what is now Ukraine."

"The Amazons were skilled riders and used defensive weapons."

Lyn Webster Wilde, author of On the Trail of Women Warriors, by Constable. Inquire on price through Book Offer, Geographical, 47c, Kensington Ct. London W8 5DA

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