Displaced Persons IRO Area 7 Germany

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December 29, 2013 Hello Olga
I don’t know much behind the stories in these pictures. My husband has translated as best he can, the writing on the back of pictures (when there).
Wasyl Walter Slawiatynsky arrived in Germany after escaping from the Russian army (he and others were on a train being sent to the war front). At an Area 7 school, he learned dressmaking and tailoring, and eventually settled in Philadelphia. Hope they can help you and others. If you are able to tell me some history (if you know of any) related to the pictures, please let me know.
Regards, Jennifer Douglas jennigal678@earthlink.net

Not certain if the following are in Area 7 or USA
These MAY be in Germany. I don’t know the history of the time well enough to know for sure. It is also possible that they are USA, during Walter’s early days here (he came to USA 1949). I know that there were activities to help work towards the freedom of Ukraine … I would assume both in Germany and I know the USA.

I think they are still relevant to the Displaced Persons of the time and their history.
More likely in the USA or Germany as Walter was in USA-occupied part of Germany

Area 7 or USA 1
Area 7 or usa 2
Area 7 or USA 3

Area 7 or usa 4
Salute to struggling Ukraine

CSM Ukrainian Boy Scouts -- Wasyl is circled.
Ukrainian Boy Scouts in Germany Area 7
Ukrainian Boys Scout in IRO Area 7 in Germany
Munster group

Munster Note
I am sending you this picture as a remembrance of in Holland Munster Feb 1949
Wasyl Standing

Wasyl standing in what looks to be the IRO Area 7 camp

Vocational Training School INgolstadt Vocational Training School, Ingolstadt 1949

picture 5
Group at Staff Billets
Group outside Staff Billets Area 7- Walter in oval
School Students Note: Ingolstadt VTS Munsterstrasse 6, Remembrance of school students in front of school

Memories from Christmas 1947

Memories from Christmas 1947

school note

dressmaking class1These pictures must have been taken in the training room for those learning dressmaking and tailoring.

Group Area 7
Group possibly at area 7
dressmaking class 2

Vocational Training - Dressmaking class. You can see a sewing machine (photo left) and that the men are sewing little clothes. The group pic must be the class together.

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