Displaced Persons - Asten Camp

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Asten See also Asten in Austria
The highest point in this region is the Kahler Asten in the Naturpark (nature reserve)

The following submitted by: Wolfgang Strobel author of Post der befreiten Zwangsarbeiter - Displaced Persons Mail Paid in Deutschland 1945 - 1949: In Germany in 1949 existed only two places named Asten. I do not know if in one of them was a DP camp. You could ask for information at the communities. One Asten forms today part of the town, Tittmoning

City archives: Stadtverwaltung Tittmoning
Stadtplatz 1
84529 Tittmoning
Phone 49-86 83-7007-23 or 7007-0,
Fax 49-8683-7007-30
E-Mail: info@tittmoning.de

Tittmoning today: http://www.tittmoning.de
The second place Asten in 1949 formed part of the community Flintsbach and both are today part of the community Winzer:
Markt Winzer
Schwanenkirchener Str. 2
94577 Winzer
Phone 49-9901-9357-0
Fax: 49-9901-9357-29
Email: poststelle@winzer.bayern.de

Hello Olga
I have been researching my father's family tree and have been looking for camp Asten where he was a displaced person along with my mother, brother and sister in 1949. Why can I not find any information on this camp? MARY REID

Asten Camp 117 Barrack 27 Linz, Asten
De: "studio .Z" studio.z@aol.com
Assunto: Information
Data: 10 de dezembro de 2021
Para: gemeinde@asten.ooe.gv.at

I am looking for information and documents about László Klar and Julia Klar who lived in Asten Camp 117 until March, 1954 (not sure the date or arrival yet).  They were Hungarian Jews, who escaped from Nazism.

Their daughter Roza Erika Klar was born in the camp on October 17, 1950.  We have her birth certificate (attached), but I would like to have any documents about her parents.

Can you hep me?

Roza Birth Certificate

Thank you

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