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Asten DP Camp


    See also Asten in Austria

    The highest point in this region is the Kahler Asten in the Naturpark (nature reserve)


    The following submitted by: Wolfgang Strobel author of Post der befreiten Zwangsarbeiter - Displaced Persons Mail Paid in Deutschland 1945 - 1949: In Germany in 1949 existed only two places named Asten. I do not know if in one of them was a DP camp. You could ask for information at the communities. One Asten forms today part of the town, Tittmoning

    City archives: Stadtverwaltung Tittmoning
    Stadtplatz 1
    84529 Tittmoning
    Phone 49-86 83-7007-23 or 7007-0,
    Fax 49-8683-7007-30
    E-Mail: info@tittmoning.de

    Tittmoning today: http://www.tittmoning.de

    The second place Asten in 1949 formed part of the community Flintsbach and both are today part of the community Winzer:

    Markt Winzer
    Schwanenkirchener Str. 2
    94577 Winzer
    Phone 49-9901-9357-0
    Fax: 49-9901-9357-29
    Email: poststelle@winzer.bayern.de

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    Hello Olga
    I have been researching my father's family tree and have been looking for camp Asten where he was a displaced person along with my mother, brother and sister in 1949. Why can I not find any information on this camp? MARY REID



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