Bad Reichenhall DP Camp in Germany

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(Careful:There is a Bad Reichenhall in both Germany and Austria.)

Bad Reichenhall (US zone), Jews;
Bad Reichenhall is a spa town, and administrative center of the Berchtesgadener Land district in Upper Bavaria, Germany. It is located near Salzburg in a basin encircled by the Chiemgauer Alps (including Mount Staufen (1,771 m) and Mount Zwiesel (1,78m)).

On April, 25th of 1945, the area was bombed by allied forces, 200 people were killed. The town centre with many hospitals and the train station was nearly totally destroyed, the barracks didn't suffer any damage. After World War II the area was under American military governance (1945-1948)

United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration Archives Record Group: PAG 4 Box 26: Area Team 1070: Bad Reichenhall

City archive: Stadtarchiv Bad Reichenhall,
Street addres: Stadtverwaltung, Rathausplatz 1 und 8, 83435 Bad Reichenhall,
Post box: Postfach 1140, 83421 Bad Reichenhall

City web site:

Sep 22, 2013 Shalom Olga
Enclosed is my “diary” of my visit to Bad Reichenhall
I would love to hear your response

My visit to Bad Reichenhall (download to desktop

Ze'ev Sharon, Kiriat Ata Haifa Israel

Olga, I'm looking for information on Feldafing, Bad Reichenhall, Korbach and Ludwigsfeld. Thanks. S.Bycko
After the war, we spent 5 years in various DP camps in Germany before we migrated to Australia. I was born in DP camp Hohenfels, Bad Reichenhall. Thanks so much, you have a great site, love coming back to check it out. Maria Nolan / Australia

Dear Olga,
I am looking for a possible relative. His name is H. Binder, who was looking for me [his cousin] on June 7 1947 at Dabrowa Gornicza in Poland. His address in 1947 was Bad Reichenhall UNRRA Team 1070 , Kibuc Borochowa. I think that he was born around 1909. If you have any information on file that might help me find family it would be very much appreciated. Thanking you in advance,Chave / Italy. Fax # Jerusalem 02 6411189

September 6, 2010
Seeking information on JOSEF LONKA - b 1920 Warsaw - family from Kaluszyn - Poland. Son of Yankel Kopel and Genta/Bella nee Epelbaum.

Until a few months ago it was presumed that only one child of Yankel and Bella survived the Shoah, however documentation has surfaced showing that Josef did survive, was in several camps and finally was at 1L / 68 Bad Reichenhall, US Zone - 1946-1948.
In February 1948 he made application to go to Palestine - however he never arrived.

Does anyone know of any office/organisation etc. that would have information regarding those people who applied to go to a country but for whatever reason never actually went.

Any information on Josef Lonka would be gratefully appreciated.
Thank you. Shana Tova to all.
Patricia Wilson (Israel)

Hanna Abaszidze (nee Trebert)

Oct. 1, 2013

Hanna was born in Warsaw, and married in 1937 to Wachtang Abaszidze, a Captain of the 13th Division of the Polish Army.  She is a distant relative of my wife, whose family history I am researching.  I hope this post may generate some additional info about Hanna. 

Wachtang was Georgian, having fought in the Russian Civil War 1917-20 on the White Russian side, and escaped via Constantinople to be recruited into the new Polish Army.  Captured in September 1939, he was released in December 1939.  Hanna and Wachtang passed the war in Warsaw, but so far as one can gather they drifted apart towards the end.  Hanna managed to get away from Warsaw before the Uprising broke out on 1st August 1944, and at the end of the war found herself in the area east of Munich.  As she spoke several languages fluently, she quickly found herself employed by the American forces as an interpreter, and then soon joined the International Refugee Organisation as a welfare officer (see photo below).

She worked in various camps from 1945 to 1950, so far as I can identify, as follows: Hammerau, Murnau, Freilassing, Laufen, Ainring and Bad Reichenhall.  She was employed at Bad Reichenhall twice, and this was her last posting when on Saturday 13 May 1950 she drowned in a river above Bad Reichenhall trying to save the dog of a friend which had fallen into the river.  She had a very large funeral, and people came long distances to attend.  She would have been very well known in the camp network, being an outgoing and gregarious personality.  She was buried at St Zeno Church in Bad Reichenhall, where a stone on her grave was maintained by someone until about 2006.  I found the site of her grave a few years ago.

I have asked for this information to be posted on the Dpcamps website in the hope that it may ring bells with people interested in any of the camps listed.  Maybe fragments of information exist here and there which will help me build up a richer picture of this young woman whose life was cut off so prematurely.
Eamonn Judge

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