How to Sue Southern California Gas Co.

Since The Gas Co. installed these Smart Meters, they can easily boost the therm usage to coincide with the colder winter temperatures, rather than your actual usage, and hide the fraud.

Many people have sued the Southern California Gas Co (I discovered after I sued). They have a whole department around billing complaints but their only defense is, "we are not responsible for how much gas you use." What liars!

Possible Motive: The Gas Company earns most of its income during the winter. California winters are so warm, they aren't making any money to pay their huge bureaucracy. With the invention of the Smart Meters, they found a way to build up their winter revenue by cheating.

In my case Gas Co. reps already checked for gas leaks and (Thank God) found none. After I insisted The Gas Company finally exchanged the meter for a new one. They waited several months to put it on the testing line (still charging me fraudulent high bills). I opted to be present during the inspection. The inspector said it was working perfectly. The rep had warned me that it would work perfectly on line while speeding up therms at my house. After four months of overcharging me, they threatened to shut me down if I didn't pay.

I won in court but the Judge awarded me a pittance of the amount that I was cheated out of. $154 instead of $454. I was cheated again by the Judge, who is prolonging this theft on the public.

Now The Gas Company has a right to appeal this -- so I may be back at court again slinging mud at the Giant.

Write to the PUC

California Public Utilities Commission
State Office Building
505 Van Ness Ave Room 2003
San Francisco, CA 94102

The PUC is absolutely worthless. The PUC will side with the Gas Co. saying you have no proof, but everyone still needs to log their complaints to show the magnitude of this fraud.

How to sue the Gas Co.:

The Gas Co. doesn't make it easy for you. The office won't tell you where to serve the papers. I had to sue them in San Diego. I made a small claims court case in Sylmar, Los Angeles court house using this address for the defendent:

Southern California Gas Co. Attn: Jennifer F Jett (now obsolete)
101 Ash Street HQ12
San Diego, CA 92101

I used San Diego Service of Process LLC to serve them papers. You can complete the forms on-line. It cost me $60. but they are efficient and saved me a trip or two to San Diego.

Periodically, check with the Secretary of State website (Business Entities to see if the business entity detail and person has not changed. Search by Entity Numer C0062767Business Entity

Serving address as of 9/28/2019: They continually change the company to serve to:

251 Little Falls Dr.
Wilmington DE 19808

So you will have to get a Wilmington DE process server to file them.

How to make proof:

If you feel your winter gas bills are too high, turn off all the gas appliances' pilots and go on vacation for a few days. Photograph the meter readings before you leave with the date imprint and re-shoot the readings when you come back with date imprint. Analyze if there is a major gas usage during the days when no one is in the house, i.e. should be little usage. Have some proof of your stay elsewhere like a motel bill. I used gasoline fillup receipts. I recorded there was 38 therms usage when no appliance was used during my vacation days. That is huge!

Use your own means for providing proof for the judge. I brought in an itemized list of my gas bills for the last four years when I was billed honestly.

The judge is used to siding with The Gas Co.because of its reputable reputation of the past. Now he is perpetuating and allowing The Gas Co. to cheat the public.

I had a 2-page report which I timed at 2-minutes. The Judge tried to cut me off. So hit the high points and show the proof.

Be honest and forthright. And good luck!

Write to me if you sued and what your outcome was:

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