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A transport of Jews, deported by Gestapo Nuernberg went to "Jungfernhof", 29 Nov. 41

cc (civilian camp): established 15 Mar 43, Riga, Weidendamm 31 (from Gestapo files in Dusseldorf); predominatnly German and Austrian Jews;

1943 there was around-up of children, following which all those under 10 years were transferred to Auschwitz.

In 1944 the prisoners were either transferred to Stuffhof or to Libau (from former prisoners report), and last mentioned 22 June 1944 (from invoice for a book shipment.

CC. Kdo. of Sachsenhausen, first mentions 24 March '43, with 47 prisoners; last mentioned on 27 May '43 with 300 prisoners.



cc (civilian camp): Established on 15 Sept '43 . On 17 Dec '43 a change in addressis announced Feldport 58969. Last mentioned 28 June '44.

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