Rise of the Moskovites

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1231-1241 Golden Horde Conqures Russia
They rule for 150 Years

  • Local Rulers as long as taxes paid
  • Christianity
  • Absolute rule

Ivan I (1328-40)

  • First real ruler and founder of Moscow
  • Nicknamed "moneybag"
  • Collected Tribute for Khan

Ivan II (1353-1359)

  • Succeeded Brother Simeon who died of the Black Death
  • Pacific ruler

Dmitry Donskoy (1359-1385)

  • First Prince to openly challenge Mongol Rule
  • Battled Mamai twice
  • Later re-stated allegiance to the Mongols

Vasily II (1425-1462)

  • Fought in the largest civil war in Old Russian history against Uncle and cousins

Ivan the great (1462-1505)

  • Adopted Byzantine court customs
  • 1504 made head of church
  • First to use title of tsar
  • Refused to pay tribute to Khans; freed emire through battle
  • spread Russian Rule through modern Northern Russia

Ivan the Terrible (1547-1584)

  • Establishes Absolute Rule
  • In 1547, he became first official Tsar
  • In 1552, Ivan IV conquered the Tartar Kingdom of Kazan
  • Revised laws
  • Started standing army
  • 1560's became unstable and tyrranically paranoid
  • Created oprichniki
  • contracted surfs to property
By Kebir Gadeo and Max Prybyla

Rise of the Moskovites

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