Arabian horse

Do you know this Arabian horse? Do you know his background...or pedigree? I purchased him in 2014 and I don't have papers on him. He's dark bay, about 21 years old. His previous name was TC, but now comes running to his new name. He always gets a reward for coming when called. He's about 13.3 hands. I love him to pieces. He's really intelligent, a personality and a teaser. Often when I'm cleaning his stalls, he wants to take the rake out of my hand. When he's done eating breakfast, he stands at the gate waiting for me to take him for a walk or ride. He now knows about 11 tricks: handshake, count to five, turn around three times, yes, no, smile, hug, side pass left and right, bow, stretch and stay. He sticks out his tongue to tell you he wants a treat. What a fun little horse.

An Arabian horse breeder said he is typed along the lines of the famous Minstril Egyptian stallion line.

Photos are at the R-Ranch in the Sequoias. (click to enlarge photos)

Arab facing me




murphy head

This crooked blaze is called a lightning strike blaze. The blaze falls off his nose to the right.
Someone wrecked his nose with stud chain, since he has cartilage building-up.

  He has a human eye on the right (with lots of white) and a regular brown horse eye on the left. He analyzes you with that right eye. ;-)
Murphy Extended trot   murphy trotting to left
Murphy in extended trot: He is a little sucken in the topline, but still very strong. This conformational defect is hidden under saddle.   He is very alert on the trails,wants to be the lead horse, and now goes out by himself without a second horse. He knows all the trails. Notice: He's black on the front end, bay on the middle and end.


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