Olga's Horses

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My beloved Mariah

the do-everything horse

Gone but not forgotten

Olga in parades - 2nd place

Liz -- buggy days revival

Mariah horseshow beauty

Winner in most parades in Novelty class.    Fun at Morro Bay beach Mandy wins 1st & 2nd place.

Worked with the handicapped like an angel.

Mariah at Messenger Flats. She always wanted to be in front.

#1 in scavenger hunt - Such a personality this horse was!

Absolutely the best trail horse

#2 in Area Trail Trials

My darling brat, Tiara

Tiara head shot
Tiara with Chrissie
Tiara in jeans in Newhall Parade

Tiara on patio looking for me
Tiara on patio looking for me

When I am old...

I shall wear diamonds ....And a wide brimmed straw hat ...
With silver and leather on it
And I shall spend my social security on white wine and carrots
And sit in the alley of my barn and listen to my horses breathe.
I will sneak out in the middle of a summer's night
And ride the sorrel colt across the moonstruck meadow
If my old bones will allow . . . And when people come to call I will smile and nod
As I walk them past the gardens to the barn
And show, instead, the beauty growing here
In stalls fresh-lined with straw . . .I will shovel and sweat and
Wear hay in my hair as if it were a Jewel.
And I will be an embarrassment to all who look down on me
Who have not yet found the peace in being free to love a horse as a friend,
A friend who waits at midnight hour ...With muzzle
and nicker and patient eyes for the kind of woman I will be
When I am old.

Since you ask about the author – according to Gina Keesling at
hoofprints.com it was written by Patty Barnhart. There seems to be a few
different versions floating around, but they all have the same wonderful

Randy "RD" Heath

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