Wetzlar DP Camp

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Displaced Persons - Wetzlar DP camp in Germany
Wetzlar, near Frankfurt am Main United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration Archives
Record Group: PAG 4 Box 4: District 2: Wetzlar, Zeilsheim

Historical archives: Mauser Gasse 17
35578 Wetzlar
Tel.: (06441) 99351
Fax: (06441) 99433
Bibliothekssigel: Zta 1488
Kontakt: Dr. Irene Jung, Historisches

City archives: Stadtarchiv Wetzlar
Address: Rathaus,
Hauser Gasse 17,
D-35578 Wetzlar Deutschland

12/9/04 Dear Olga,
Can you advice me where to find records about my parents? They stayed in American Army refugee camps after sec. world war. I know for sure they were in Wetzlar (near Frankfurt am Main) on Sept / Oct 1948. I'm looking for their marriage certificate or any other document about them like a copy of their passports or their identity cards. They came after the Holocaust to Germany from Poland and Russia. Their names are: Avram Ledershtein & Mania Ledershtein (Finkelshtein). Anaish

14, May 2009, Dear Olga,
We have contact few years ago about Maczkow DPs Polish city in Germany.

Here are photos of the UNRRA team in Wetzlar in Germany if it can help someone who search’s info’s about it. I make already a blog about Polish troops and the great father, http://zygmunt-sawicki.blog4ever.com
and about UNRRA teams,
Regards and thanks G.Lapers gilles.lapers@skynet.be

If you can identify anyone in the photos, let us know and we will update this page.

Kitchen help

Kitchen workers


Kitchen workers

Lady on telephone



Old Town Bridge

U.S. flag flew over the camp.


Building front


Sewing class

Dentist office






Overview of the camp

Christmas Service

Christmas Service

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