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Immigration office:
The web site of Direcciën Nacional de Migraciones de Argentina is

Buenos Aires office's address is:
Av. Antärtida Argentina 1355, Retiro,
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ethnic identity of the first postwar generation of Australian Slovenes
"The paper discusses two central topics: a theoretical denotation of the term 'identity' (on the basis of social-anthropological and social-psychological definitions), and a personal experience of the development and transformation of ethnic identity of individual Australian Slovenes (of the first generation, who emigrated to Australia after 1945) in a new social and geografical milieu. This specific experience was part of a wider historical process of transformation which affected the original as well as the immigrant societies of emigrants/immigrants." See: http://www.zrc-sazu.si/ises/abstract.htm

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Hi Olga:
I am pretty sure that some of our ancestors ended up in Argentina but I cannot find them. The names I am looking for are Kupser/Kupfer, Kambeitz, and Gefroh. All the surnames I gave you are Germans from Russia. Mostly in Kandel. Thank you for the information and I will be sure to let you know if I hear from them. Carol Kupser

Argentina was a major emigration destination for Slovenes and Croats after World War II -- particularly for those who collaborated with the Nazis. It was also a major destination for German Nazi collaborators after the war. The Slovene and Croat communities there are still pretty vibrant and active. Maybe some people from Nazi-held Western Ukraine went to Argentina for the same reason? or maybe the Slavic presence there made Argentina more attractive for other Slavs? bpozun@aol.com

European Archives: http://councilforeuropeanstudies.org/resources/libraries-archives?gclid=COawguPSm8ICFVCCMgodPToARw

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