Austria DP Camps L-O

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Download to your desktop the 2011 Excel spreadsheet (in German) of camps and camp info: AustriaCampsV7.xls provided by Klaus.

Austrian archives -

Ladergasse - Judenburg - British zone;

Lambach - see Stadl-Paura; US zone;

Landeck, Land Tyrol on Inn River; French zone; UNRRA team 148; Hungarians,
Some Ukrainian documentation at Shevchenko Scientific Society Library

Stadtgemeinde Landeck
Standesamt Landeck
Innstraße 23, 6500 Landeck
Tel.: +43 (0)5442 / 6909

Tiroler Landesarchiv (Tyrolean Provincial Archive)

Michael-Gaismair-Straße 1, 6020 Innsbruck
Tel.: +43 512 508 3502

Laing - Knittlefeld/ Spielberg; British zone; Team 314; Judenburg

Lankowitz - Voitsberg - British zone; Köfach;

Laschenskyhof - barracks camp; Wals-Siezenheim; Salzburg; US zone;

Laubgasse -

Launsdorf - Kärnten; British zone;

Lavamünd - Kärnten; British zone;

Lebing - British zone;

Lehen, resettlement, Land Salzburg; Barackenlager, ehem. FC Rapid-Platz; Paumannplatz; US zone Team 319;

Photo submitted by Klaus Fohringer

Leibnitz - in Murtal valley (in Südsteiermark or Southern Styria to the border Ex-jugoslawien), British zone, Jews; camps:
Dr. Leo Klein-Gasse

City office: Stadtamt Leibnitz
A 8430 Leibnitz,
Hauptplatz 24
Tel: 0043 3452 82423-0
(DP camp Wagna and a other place called Frauenberg were in near Leibnitz. Address supplied by Herta.)

From USHMM: Jewish website: "A DP camp in the Graz/Steiermark district, in the British occupied zone of Austria. The camp consisted of typical wooden barracks, which, in October 1945, housed about 2200 persons, 600 of whom were Polish Jews."

Leitendorf- Leoben, British zone; Landösterreich, Upper Austria, Wels; Ortsteil; Team 314; U.S. Zone;

Lendkai - Graz, British zone;

Leoben, Children's center, Land Steiermark on Muir River, 150 children ; Franz Josef strasse, Team 327; British zone, following camps:
Hans Bauer-Weg
Leoben Donawitz
town hall photo

City archives: Stadtarchiv Leoben
Kirchgasse 6
8700 Leoben

1947 Kinderheim, photo submitted by Klaus Fohringer

Leonding - Herrschaftshaus; US zone

Lexenfeld, Lexenfeldstrasse; Land Salzburg; US zone UNRRA Team 323; District Liefering, Barackenlager, ab 1953 auch Ambulatorium; See Salzburg archives.

City archives in Salzburg:

Saw your website while trying to find out more information regarding a DP camp in Salzburg, Austria. Towards the end of the war, my grandparents and their three children (one being my father) went from Prague back to Bratislava where they lived. They eventually had to leave, we believe, because of the Benes Decrees and wound up in the Lexenfeld DP camp. My one aunt recalls that the camp was located just outside of Salzburg, but was within walking distance to town. She also recalls it was basically farm land, but was on the grounds of a Convent and that there was a church also on the grounds. Hope this information helps. Joseph L. Zollner

8/2/07 Hi Olga,
My mother, Natalie Kulish, from the Ukraine, resided in the Lexenfeld Camp for several years during WWII then performed/entertained, in a theater called Rainbow Theater or Playhouse for another few years. She then immigrated to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Is there any web-sites that you know that we can visit for more information about the camp, survivors, photos, etc. If anyone know more about this camp, I look forward to hearing from you. Email me at:, Best regards, R.P. (Bobbi) Mackellar, Mississauga ON Canada

Liebenau - Graz; two camps: Kasernstrasse & Mur, VII., Liebenau, British zone; Poststrasse; 1940 f. Bukowina-Summer 46: stanach Übern.

Liechtenstein, Murdof - Land Steiermark; Judenburg DP center, Styria; British zone UNRRA team 335, Jews

Archives: Murdorf-Liechtenstein (Judenburg)
Adresse: Stadtgemeinde (Municipality) Judenburg, Hauptplatz,
A 8570 Judenburg
Tel: 0043 3572 83141-0
Fax: 0043 3572 83141-222
Address supplied by Herta.

"Liechtenstein is a country near Switzerland and Austria, and so I think, the DP camp Liechtenstein is in Murdorf-Judenburg" Herta.

Diary of Life in the Refugee Camps (January-June 1946)
By Anton Zakelj, translated and edited by John Zakelj

Lienz, has its own page. Osttirol (capital of Eastern Tyrol), Team 331, British zone, Slowenians 

Lichtenegg - 1001/1006; Linz; 22 barracks, früher; Wels; US zone;

Lieserbrüke - Kärnten; British zone;

Lindenschule - school; near Villach; British zone;

Lindernwald - Schmiedgasse; British zone;

Linz has its own page Wegschiell, Maurice L. 58/73, Hospital; UN Team 337, 341, 322; Jews; Haupstadt; Donau; US zone;

AEIOU encyclopedia and photos

Oberösterreichisches Landesarchiv
A-4010 Linz,
Anzengruberstrasse 19
Tel: +43 (732) 7720-14602
FAX: +43 (732) 7720-14619

City archive - Stadtarchiv Linz , website:
contact: Dr. Fritz Mayrhofer or Dr. Walter Schuster
Archiv der Stadt Linz
Hauptstrasse 1-5, Postfach 1000, A-4041 Linz
Tel: +43 (0)70/7070-2961
Fax: +43 (0)70/7070-2962

Linz Hospital, Land Upper Austria, US zone, Jews, see above for archives

Lutschaun - Mitterdorf; British zone;

Machne Yehuda - Riedenburg Salzburg

Magdalen - Vallach; British zone;

Maistatt - Schladming -British zone;

Malleisten - Krieglach, British zone;

Markt-Pongau, St. Johan im Pongau, Land Salzburg; US zone

Marienschacht - Bårnbach; British zone;

Mauritzen - Frohnleiten; Steyr; British zone;

Mautbrücke - Kärnten; British zone;

Mauthasen 49 subcamps, no dp camp; in LInz; US zone;

See Linz archives, Oberösterreichisches Landesarchiv

Municipal office: Gemeinde Mauthausen
Marktplatz 7
A 4310 Mauthausen

Tel: 0043 7238 2255 - 0
Fax: 0043 7238 2255 - 30

Mehrerau - Bregenz; 1945-1953; French zone; Mehrerau Abbey cathedral

Melk - Niedeerösterreich state; Lower Austria; Swiss zone;

Meyer Baracken - Kalsdorf; British zone

Micheldorf - Kärnten; British zone;

Millstatt - Kärnten; British zone;

Molzbichi - Kärnten; British zone;

Moos - Kärnten; British zone;

Moserhofgasse - Leoben; British zone

Muchargasse - Graz; British zone;

Muhldorf - Kärnten; British zone;

Mühlgraben - Völkermrkt; British zone;

Mülstrasse - Graz, British zone; 1940 f. Bukowina-Umsiedler (Lager I)

Mühlviertel - Swiss zone;

Mülln - transit camp, Müllner Hospitalstrasse 38, Bräustübl (Augustine 6;) Salzburg, district, UNRRA team 250; Jews

Mur Braracken - Niklasdorf; British zone;

Murdorf - UNRRA team 335, (see Judenburg archives): Jews; British zone;

1/3/05 Hello,
I am requesting any information you may have on Camp Murdorff which was located in Judenburg. My mother was born there in 1947, and I am trying to find out all I can about the camp and what her life was like before coming to the US at 4 years of age. I am also trying to track down any of the existing family members. The only thing I have is that her birth mother's name was Lydia Tkaczowa, and she was born in a small town in what is now the western part of Ukraine. Any information you could give me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Marla Pavlowski / USA

Murfeld-Puchsiedlung - Graz; two camps: Auwaldg. & Mühl; VII, Liebenau, until 1948 British military camp;

Murgasse - Knittelfeld; British zone;

Mürzzuschlag - British zone;

Natters - Municipality in Tyrol; Innsbruck; French zone;

Naturfreundegasse - Leoben; British zone

Niedeerösterreich - state; Lower Austria; 2 camps: Melk and Purkesdorf; Swiss zone;

Neufertbaracke - - Kalsdorf; British zone

Neukirchen near Altmünster - camp 404; Alters & Siechenhe?; near Labach, see Stadl-Paura;

Neukirchen near Labach - camp 1011;

Neustadt - Knittelfeld; British zone;

Neuwaldeggerstrasse 38 - Wien, XVII;

New Palestine, Also called Parsch;permanent camp; (V3++ ) Land Salzburg; US zone team 450; Jews, on Wiesbauerstrasse 9; district;

New Palestine camp police; source: USHMM

Niedernhart - Linz; camps: 65 & 68: Niedernhart & Muldenstrasse; US zone

Niederösterreich - Swiss zone;

Nordtirol [North Tirol] - French until Aug 45; then US zone; Osttirol [East] British zone;

Obergraden - Rosenthal; British zone;

Oberhausenbaracke- Feldbach, British zone;

Obertraun - Sport school; US zone; at Lake Hallstatt, on the river Traun; Ranshofen Ried in Innkris

Oberösterreich - inkl. Ausseerland, exkl. Mühlviertel; Swiss zone;

Oberwart - near the Hungarian Border; British zone;

Ossiach- Kärnten; British zone;

Oststelemark - until Aug 45 Swiss zone;

Lots more information on Austria P-R

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