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Blomberg, #3132, 33/132; L. Niedersachsen (British zone), Ukrainians - Visit Shevchenko Scientific Society Library for records, Baltics: Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian

    Stadt Blomberg
    Der Bürgermeister
    Marktplatz 1
    32825 Blomberg

    Stadt Blomberg
    Der Bürgermeister
    Postfach 1452
    32820 Blomberg

    Tel: 0 52 35 / 50 40
    Fax: 0 52 35 / 50 46 10

    Jan 4, 2014 Hi, Olga,

    I am a survivor of World War II from Lithuania, and recently published a book on our struggles to escape the Soviets in 1944, the flight through Germany, and the years in a DP camp in the British Zone. It is a memoir of my family's life: Father, Mother, older sister and me, called God, Give Us Wings for the prayer I uttered as a small child when it looked like the only way to escape annihilation on the ground would be to fly away. It’s available on Amazon:God Give Us Wings


My book describes in detail, including documents I copied in Blomberg in 2011, the life in the camp from 1945 to 1948.

I think this site is an absolute marvel, and your efforts are commendable.

Thank you Olga,

Felicia Prekeris Brown feliciabrown937@gmail.com


By November 1945, it was a camp for Estonians, Latvians, and Lithuanians only (no Ukrainians). There was a Polish camp a few miles away. The town recorder and archivist has many documents from this period. I visited in 2011 and copied many for my memoir. Here are some photos from the camp.

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Baltic Scout Festival in Bloomberg   Baltic Scout Festival in Bloomberg
Baltic Scout Festival; Lithuanian folk dancers in the Marktplatz, center of Blomberg, Spring 1946
  Lithuanian Youth picnic
Lithuanian neighbors gather for baptism, Jahnstrasse July 5, 1948   Lithuanian youth picnic above the town
A group of Lithuanian wormen leave camp to work as maids in England. My mother and sister (at left) leaving me (age 10) and my father behind, hoping to send food. 1947    


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