Dornstadt Cemetary Photo Album

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Ukrainian cemetary plots . Photos compliments of Christof Maihoefer
Enter a hidden world: foreign letters, foreign religious symbols, foreign names: an Ukrainian graveyard in Southern Germany!
Who rested on that bench; who remembers those who found their last rest here?

These were the weakest and the old ones with no way to get out of the fate, no way back home... history, fate!
Read the dates on the crosses and stones! The war ended May 8, 1945, but when did these people die here?


Bacyli Chetrbok & Ekatherina Chetrbok

Bazyli Ignatiew, 1892-1969

Michailo Smirnow 1894-1968 Olga Smirnow 1890-1980



Mychailo Dubasow 1890-1989 99 years old

Beerwald & Pleskaczew gravestones

Amekcahor Horbylun 1894-1979 Anastasia Horbylun 1894-1979 Hilma Avendt 1903-1940

Iwan Radosavljevich 1889-1967

Joseph Bilawebobk 1967

Kussin 1902-1963

Parfenuj Makoveenko 1887-1966

Michail Lanskon

Michael Chmarny 1901-1969

Jadwiga Plazalska 1890-1969

Stefan Shersnev 1880 -1972

Narka Bruchku Tatana Bruchku, Tischnev, Stein

Cristin Tyzoba

Crossed moved off graves

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