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Heckershausen Great site...trying to research the camp my mother was in. No luck...outside Kassel, Germany and it was called Hausenhecker. Perhaps my spelling is wrong. Can you help me please? Regards, Gloria Weicher /Montreal, Canada

I suggest it was Heckershausen, close to Kassel. I will look for more detail. Sometimes it is the spelling...
Your friend Christof / Germany.

Heerte (British zone) see also Brunswick, Polish, gypsies,
In Heerte was a Polish DP camp under D.P.A.C.S. Lichtenberg, at least until December 1949. The I.R.O. area Team 906 (I.R.O. = International Refugee Organisation of the United Nations) was responsable for the camp. All this information is in my book "Displaced Persons Mail Paid" that is mentioned on your website.

Heerte as well as Lichtenberg today form parts of the town Salzgitter, situated in the Land (State) Niedersachsen.
Wolfgang Strobel


Hi Olga,
Interesting web pages and a good source of information. I have two questions and hoping that you may have some info:
#1 My parents who have been deceased a long time ago, never really spoke about the past very much so and when I recently reviewed some documents, I have never been able to understand some of the wording stamped on these documents. The word “Gypsy” was stamped on the ID card so one would assume that maybe we came from a gypsy band.
#2 Going through some of my father’s belongings, I discovered this metal ID tag which had the following listed:
Kr Gef  Dulac 126 8261
Do you have any more info?

Thank You, Bob Semkowski, bobsemkowski@sympatico.ca
Toronto, Canada

Semkowski documents in Heerte

DP camp 37 Heerte was under the British zone. See also Brunswick/ Braunschweig.

Semkowski documents in Heerte

ID tag

United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration Archives
Record Group: PAG 4 Box 3: District 1: Assembly Centers and Area Teams, Heidenheim, Ulm, Stuttgart

Heidenheim - Kreisarchiv (war archives)
Submitted by: Wolfgang Strobel , author of Post der befreiten Zwangsarbeiter - Displaced Persons Mail Paid in Deutschland 1945 - 1949:

County archives: Kreisarchiv Landkreis Heidenheim, Landratsamt
Felsenstr. 36
89518 Heidenheim an der Brenz
Tel.: 49-07321-321-294
Fax: 49-7321-321-450

City archives: Stadtarchiv Heidenheim an der Brenz, Rathaus
Grabenstr. 15
89522 Heidenheim an der Brenz
Tel.: 49-7321-327395
Fax: 49-7321-327505

Kreiselman family: my father, his wife and child have been at Heidenheim camp. Later my father left to Israel with his child while the mother didn't joined them. According to a document signed by the Jewish committee, the mother gave up her child. We have not any idea what happened to mother, where did she went and why she decided to give up her child. Do you have any suggestion in which archiv it is possible to find more information about. Thank you zipora katz

Good morning, I am writing the story of Jakob Goldberg , dp in Heidenheim in 1947. I have got a letter from him. Jakob Goldberg was an immate in Heidenheim and, in this typed letter, dated April 1947, 25, he is explaining that he lost all his family and asks for the creation of the state of Israel. It's very coherent and I believe that many others immates of the camp could have done the same because it's a typed letter. If you know anything about the life in this camp in 1947, let it me know please. I have different publishing companies in France. Best regards Nicolas Philippe

Heidenau, #253, Land Niedersachsen (British zone), Others (near Hamburg)
Oct 14, 2013 Dear Ms. Kaczmar,
Both my maternal grandparents were forced-laborers under the NS regime, and this is the basis for my
research. I'm also a musician, primarily. I would be happy to receive contact from people who would like to
provide information on the Heidenau DP camp.

I'm also researching the Wentorf DP camp, which I notice you have
listed on your site).

Thanks very much again for your reply. Please write to me any time. Best Regards,
Kristian kireland@stanfordalumni.org
Dr. Kristian Ireland
Composer, Musician, Researcher.

20, Apr 2009, Dear Mrs. Kaczmar,
My name is Hinnerk Antons and I'm doing an PhD about "Lifeworlds of Ukrainian DPs in the British Zone" at the University of Hamburg/Germany. I would like to ask you if you could publish a call for rememberances of former DPs and their descendants on your marvelous website. I'm interested in documents, diarys, photos and everything which is still remembered nowadays. I'm especially interested in everyday history, relations to germans, gender relations, "screenings" and political conflicts.

In return I hope to be able to contribute something to your website as well. I could write something about the Ukrainian DP Camp Heidenau with up to 4,000 inhabitants, send pictures (there is still an ukrainan part of the cemetery) and help in finding relatives (there are lists of inhabitants in some local archives).
Yours sincerely,
Hinnerk Antons hinnerkantons@web.de

1/4/2016 Dear Olga!
I wish you and your relatives a happy new! I read in an article on your website "dpcamps.org" something about the Camp Nr. 19 in HEILBRUNN. My statement of this camp is as follow: In GERMANY there was a DP-camp named HEILBRUNN.
But: The AUSTRIAN camp HELLBRUNN was in the district of SALZBURG. (US Zone)

There is another HEILBRUNN in the district of STYRIA.
BUT: The district of styria was NOT OCCUPIED by the US ARMY. On the shield in your website we see as follow: The name "HEILBRUNN", Camp 19, and an US coat of arms. It is possible, that the coat of arms is an early symbol for the US CAVALRY.
Some US-Cavalry Batalions were reestablished as motorized US CONSTABULARY immediatly after WW II. The US constabulary was also used as occupation troops.
Best regards
Thom-George Lackner firstsouthart@hotmail.com

Heilbronn / Cleverbrueck at Bad Schwartau (Don't confuse with Hellbrunn, Austria.) Heilbronn now has its own page.

Heiligenhafen, #1226, Schleswig Holstein (British zone)

Helmstadt - There are two Hellmstadts in Germany: http://www.helmstadt-bargen.de/ http://www.vgem-helmstadt.de/
On 7/8/12 Hi Olga
I hope you can help me I am trying to trace my mother’s family history and I stumbled across your website.

My mother’s family migrated to Australia in 1949 from a German camp. The family name was Demczyszyn and her two brothers were born in Germany

Her eldest brother Bodhan was born in Helmstadt and her younger brother Roman in Goslav. My mother has distant memories of this time as she was only a young child of 7 when she came to Australia and I think she was in the camps from the age of 3.

I don’t know why they moved but I was hoping you could direct me in the right direction to find out which camp they were in. Hopefully I could add a post on the website and hopefully someone will see it and I can start to fill in some of the missing pieces.
Thanks Maria Picker maria_picker@bigpond.com

Helpup (British zone)

Herbern (British zone)

Herford, 3 camps (British zone)

You have forgotten the one in Hersbruck (near Nuernberg). Its name was Camp Kathann. It was converted from a concentration camp, and it was operated by UNRRA and later by IRO. All residents were Latvians. A former DP from Amberg and Hersbruck (Latvian), Skitt

Stadtarchiv Hersbruck
Postfach 5 40
91214 Hersbruck

Hersfeld (US zone); Ukrainians City archive: Stadtverwaltung Bad Hersfeld - Technisches Rathaus - Stadtarchiv
Landecker Strasse 11
36251 Bad Hersfeld
Phone: 49-6621-201-311
Fax: 49-6621-201-348
eMail: stadtarchiv@bad-hersfeld.de

Bad Hersfeld today: http:://www.bad-hersfeld.de

Dear Olga, my father was at camp Hersfeld, a slave labour camp. I'm trying to find more information about this camp. Also he was a DP, how can I find out where he was. He was Polish and at camp Hersfeld in Bremen-Grohn in Germany. I very much appreciate any information you can give me......... Marianne

Hersfeld and Bremen-Grohn are different towns. Bremen-Grohn was an embarcation center in the harbor of Bremen (American enclave) for DPs about to emigrate. Wolfgang Strobel author of Post der befreiten Zwangsarbeiter - Displaced Persons Mail Paid in Deutschland 1945 - 1949:
UNNRA Team 715:
J. Loeser
S. Valenducq
R. Stern
R. Ragot
C. Baudry
V. Estaba


Hessen (U.S. zone)

Hesslingen Transit Camp - village of Hesslingen in the District of Gifhorn, near Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, southeast of Bremen
On 4/13/08 Dear Olga;
I am just searching for information on the camps my father was in. He was a clerk/translator and I just recently found in his posessions a journal of people's names. their ailments and what was prescribed. The entries are dated Aug 14-23 1945. One document reads UNRRA team 232 Fallingbostel camp; the next is UNRRA team 58 Hesslingen transit camp. I would be happy to share if it is needed.
J Daniels jotoad@sympatico.ca

Heufeld Dear Olga,
I am looking for information on which camps held Yugoslovians from Heufeld or other German towns who were in detainment camps in Germany after WW II. Thanks for your help. Sonja Rieger

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