Gemeinde Enhingen

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Mr. Karl Engelhard, Bürgermeister (Mayor)
Wittelshofener Str. 30
91725 Ehingen, Germany
Tel: 09835/9791-15
Fax: 09835/9791-33

Ehingen had a civilian labor force of 150 people during the Nazi regime. They were slave labor (voluntary or involuntary) mostly from the Polish territories remnants of the old Ukrainian Rus empire (known as Galicia/Halychna when this area belonged to Austria. Borders changed frequently). They worked for the farmers and mills in the area, given to those people to replace a family member who was servicing in the Nazi army.

Some villages were allowed to have marketplaces, others not. Ehingen was not allowed a marketplace. One part of the village was old German; the other was Roman with towers dividing the two sections. One can look from one tower to the other. The Romans were very civilized and considered the Germans or others as barbaric. This is a beautiful, clean little town. Everything is restored. You won't find any trash or graffiti around. Photos of Ehingen taken in 1940s & 2006.

Front of Rathaus Administration building
Andreas Nefzger at town fountain
church side

Protestant church across from Rathouse was a present to the community.

Beck's Guesthouse was once a brewery. Frederich Beck had many fields to plow.

Emma Lehr remembers
Emma Lehr remembers my uncle Milko Kaczmar as outgoing and humorous. She was 10 years old and lived next door.
close up of Beck's sign
Now it is a beautiful restaurant and hotel.
john with horses 1940
When John Kaczmar worked here as slave labor in the 40s, he was a farmhand.
barnyard today
This is the same barnyard where John was standing 66 years ago

Lehr house & Barn
The Lehr house has a beautiful painting of draft horses on the exterior.
We're looking for Emilion's daughter in France to connect her up with her half sisters in Ukraine
Olga and Karl
Olga is standing with Karl at same spot where her father stood 66 years ago.
john & milko kaczmar

John & Milko Kaczmar in front of Myer's house where Milko worked. Karl helped me locate the house.

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