Displaced Persons -

Essen DP Camp in Germany

Essen-Kray, #3200, mostly Polish, Balts, Yugoslavs, and Jews

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On 1/24/08

who said '...you can never go home again' well, that was what it was like in Essen.  'Where can I find my birth certificate...I was born in a camp here'.  ' WHAT CAMP'?  ' You know, the DP camp that was here'.  ' There was no camp here'?!  It was a strange trip.
Well that's how my trip went going home to Essen.... couldn't wait to leave.  I am so glad you are there collecting these stories from other DP camp people.  After we're gone, there won't be a direct link to the Holcaust anymore.  I hope history will not be re-written....too soon, anyway.
Here are some of the pictures I took of the Synagogue (now museum) today.  There is quite a history to it and a story, too.
Thanks, Hy Kloc hykloc@msn.com

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