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San Sabba Annex - See Trieste page

Santa Maria al Bagno (or formerly Bagni di Santa Maria) has its own page.

Santa Maria di Leuca https://www.ushmm.org

UN Archives: https://search.archives.un.org

Salerno - is a city and comune in Campania (southwestern Italy) and is the capital of the province of the same name. It is located on the Gulf of Salerno on the Tyrrhenian Sea. In September 1943, during World War II, Salerno was the scene of Operation Avalanche, the invasion of Italy launched by the Allies of World War II, and suffered a great deal of damage.

Trieste has its own page


YIVO Institute for Jewish Research Guide to Records: http://digifindingaids.cjh.org

Turin - https://www.familysearch.org

Digi finding aids https://digifindingaids.cjh.org

I just came across your wonderful web site. My wife is a second generation holocaust survivor and we are members of the Melbourne [Australian] group, Descendants of the Shoah. I'm trying to find more details on:

Kibbutz Ichud near Dachau [after 1945]

Camp Grugliasco near Turin, Italy [after 1945] -

Camp Barletta near Trani Italy [after 1945]
Rod Hartman / Australia

Villa Alba

Villa Caracenni or Villa Cartina,

1/3/08 Dear Olga,
Thank you very much for all the time and thorough research!  It does not go unappreciated!  I have been looking at some testimonies of Jewish child survivors from Poland who went to DP camps in Italy following WWII.  I am wondering if you might have information on the following points:

1) Any advice on research material re: the status of child survivors in DP camps (specifically Italy)

2) Any additional info (aside from what you already provide here) on DP camps in Cremona, Bari, and Rome (and esp., how they dealt with child survivors)

3) Any information about a DP camp in Italy in a place called Villa Caracenni or Villa Cartina, where Kibbutz Ha-noâ•?ar Hatzioni (the "Zionist Youth Kibbutz") existed.

Any further reading guides on the subject of Jewish DPs (in Italy, particularly) would also be
greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance for your help.  Happy 2008, Rivka Schiller rivkaschiller@yahoo.com

Villa Faraggiano,
Northern Italy near Mina, Genoa and La Specia 1/10/05 Dear Olga

My husband was training with the Irgun to go fight in Palestine and had to get out of South Africa under an assumed name as had given his passport to Irgun member imprisoned by the British in the concentration camp at Gilgil in Kenya. He was sent to the Villa Faraggiano, which was ostensibly a convalescent camp, but in reality a traing camp and they worked with the DPs and transported guns to La Spezia with the DPs secretly for Palestine. This was a clandestine operation under the guise of a convalescent home. Any info you havewould be appreciated. Sincerely Dr Naomi, clandestinely

The Nazis left many scars on the children of Europe. Tattooed numbers were physical -- shown here by former concentration camp inmates housed in a center for stateless children at Vallombrosa, Italy. Liberators discovered that these children had emotional scars as well. Photo: UNRRA & M. Wyman

Searching in Italy:

Italy Records of the Foreign Service Posts of the Department of State (RG 84 )

Yivo Archives (Yivo Instiute for Jewish Research): http://www.yivoarchives.org

Italian Genealogy website: http://www.italiangenealogy.com

Italian Embassy See ItalyEmbassy.org for guidelines

Central Archive


ASSISI (06081), vic. degli Esposti 6 tel. (075) 81 67 77

BARLETTA (70051) (BA), v. Ferdinando dOAragona 130 tel. (0883) 30 10 02


BIELLA (13051) (VC), Palazzo Dal Pozzo della Cisterna, p. Cisterna 5 tel. (015) 24 2 94

CALTAGIRONE (95041) (CT) , v. Ex Matrice 153

CAMERINO (62032) (MC),v. Venanzi 20 tel. (0737) 30 52

CASTROVILLARI (87012) (CS), via Santa Maria del Castello tel. (0981) 21 1 41

CESENA (47023) (FO), via Montaldi 1

ESTE (35042) (PD)

FABRIANO (60044) (AN),v. C. Battisti 23 tel. (0732) 31 27

FAENZA (48018) (RA),via Manfredi 14 tel. (0546) 21 8 08

FANO (61032) (PS), via Castracane 3 tel. (0721) 80 12 19

FERMO (63023) (AP),via Leopardi 2 tel. (0734) 22 87 39

FOLIGNO (06034) (PG), p. Repubblica

GUBBIO (06024), Palazzo Ducale

IMOLA (40026) (BO), via Verdi 6 tel. (0542) 30 3 16

LAMEZIA TERME (88046) (CZ), via Aldo Moro tel. (0968) 22 0 48

LANCIANO (66034) (CH),vie Cappuccini 131 tel. (0872) 49 4 24

LOCRI (89044) (RC), v. Matteotti tel. (0964) 22 1 63

LUCERA (71036) (FG), piazza Tribunale 1 tel. (0881) 94 12 19

MODICA (97015) (RG), v. Liceo Convitto 35 tel. (0932) 94 12 52

NOTO (96017) (SR), v. Amerigo Vespucci 30

ORVIETO (05018) (TR), p. del Duomo 31 tel. (0763) 43 4 15

PALMI (89015) (RC), v. San Giorgio Casa della Cultura tel. (0966) 23 1 93

PESCIA (51017) (PT), vie Europa 7 tel. (0572) 47 72 61

PONTREMOLI (54027) (MS), ex Convento SS Annunziata tel. ( 0587) 83 15 59

PRATO (50047) (FI),v. Lapo Mazzei 41 tel. (0574) 26 0 64

RIMINI (47037) (FO),v. C. Cattaneo 2 tel. (0541) 21 6 88

SANREMO (18038) (IM), v. Cavallotti 334 tel. (0184) 50 89 10

SCIACCA (92019) (AG), via Giuseppe Verdi tel. (0925) 20 0 09

SPOLETO (06049) (PG), p. Fontana tel. (0743) 24 1 91

SULMONA (67039) (AQ),v. San Cosimo 16 tel. (0864) 31 69 0

TERMINI IMERESE (90018) (PA), v. Stesicoro 236 tel. (091) 94 37 89

TRANI (70059) (BA), v. Dogali 11 tel. (0883) 58 35 22

URBINO (61029) (PS), via Veneto 42 tel. (0722) 26 21

VARALLO (13019) (VC), c. Umberto 1 69 Palazzo Racchetti tel. (0163) 51 2 34

VENTIMIGLIA (18039) (IM), via Hanbury 6 tel. (0184) 34 8 55

VERBANIA (28048) (NO), via Cadorna 37 tel. (0323) 50 14 03

VIBO VALENTA (88018) (CZ), vie della Pace, palazzo De Fina tel. (0963) 45 6 13

USA archives: National Archives (see Nara.org) # Collection of Italian Military Records, 1935-1943. Microfilm Publication T821. 514 rolls.
Finding aid: Guide to Records of the Italian Armed Forces, Parts I-III (National Archives, Maryland 1967). Also available as Microfilm Publication T94, 1 roll.

# Personal Papers of Benito Mussolini, Together with Some Official Records of the Italian Foreign Office and the Ministry of Culture, 1922-1944. Microfilm Publication T586. 318 rolls. (Finding aid: roll 1; see also Microfilm Publication T120).

Books on dp camp life in Italy: UKRAINIANS IN ITALY Svitlo (Light): orhan tovarystva "Prosvita". Ch.11946; ch.1,2, 1947. TUP-Rimini, Italiia. 32tsm. Language-Ukrainian. Rimini-Italiia, 1946,1947.

Zhyttia v Tabori (Life in Camp): ukrains'kyi shodennyk,rikII, ch.109, 112, 113, 1946. Rimini, Italiia. Tabor Ukrains'kykh Polonenykh. 31tsm. Language-Ukrainian. Rimini, Italiia, 1946.

Iunats'kyi zryv: Hazeta (gazette) Kurenia Molodi (youth). Ch.45,6,7, 1945; ch.2,3,4,8, 1946; ch.1, 1947. 31tsm. Language-Ukrainian. Rimini, Italiia, 1945-1947.

Timewitnesses.org A child alive among corpses Paola Cecchi's father's story
Italia camp Dear Ms. Kaczmar:
Do you or does anyone know of a DP camp that housed Polish Jews after the war that was known simply as "Italia"? It's not clear if the camp was actually in Italy or if this was the name of a camp located somewhere else, e.g. in Bavaria. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Yale

J. Reisner, Warsaw, email: laudergen@jewish.org.pl

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