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John age 23 This page honors my father, John Kaczmar. Kaczmar translates to innkeeper, or a place to serve beer. Other translations are: Kac = Polish for hangover
Kacha = swaying
Kachalo = one who swings
Kaczka (Polish ) = duck
Kachka (Ukrainian) = duck (or maybe one who kept fowl)

Some early history: The surname Kaczmar has been found in the region of Polesie, (the largest province now Poland). It is inhabited by Ruthenians, called Polesians, of Ukrainian descent. During the 16th and 17th centuries the name Kaczmar was found in Polesie, were they emerged as a notable family earily in the Middle Ages. During these turbulent times, there were many changing religious and political allegiances. Members of the family name were raised to the nobility as Counts of Poland in 1650. KaczmarThe Coat of Arms is said to be an upright shaft of wheat with a honey bee on top. Colors are yellow on a blue background (Ukrainian colors).

My John was born in Malkowice / Malkowychi (Ukrainian pronounciation). Poland had just recently taken over this part of Galicia (map) from Austria. He was not Polish, but of Ukrainian nationality. His father was Ivan (1878-1926) born in ? Radoszyce / Rodatyczi, Austria; died in Malkowice when John was only 5 years old.

In 1940, John and his brother went to work in Germany. They spent seven years there under very harsh living conditions as slave labor. However, he was fed, respected by his employer and escaped the bombs.

John & horses on Freidrich's farm In this photo, John is working on the Freidrich's farm. During this period, he met Ewdokia Wachalivska, declared his love and promised to kill himself if they didn't get married. After the war, they were married by a priest who was also a captive in Hitler's work camp in Bavaria.

John's brother, Emilion (Milko) Kaczmar, was also with John and Evdokia in the work camp in Germany. When World War II ended, the work camps were freed by the US liberating forces and were placed under the care of the United Nations (UNNRA). UN officials ordered trains to pick up these refugees to repatriate them to their native countries. Everyone in their compound was rushing toward these unmarked 'transports'. Severely overcrowded; the former slave workers were anxious and excited to get resettled in the new location wherever that may be. Milko climbed on the roof of the train, the only place left to sit, but John says, "I have a wife and child ...they can't climb on the roof...I'll catch up with you." Sadly, they never saw each other after that. The next train went in the opposite direction carried John and his family to another DP camp in Bavaria Germany. Milko's train took him east, behind the Iron Curtain, into the Communist Russian-controlled Ukraine (orders from Stalin in the Yalta Agreement). When he disembarked, he went to the tree where he and John had buried a bottle of whisky before leaving the Ukraine. He dug it up and toasted John, wishing him good luck until they meet again. "Wherever you go, may God go with you." There was no home to go back to since their homeland was given to Poland and the residents were forceably evacuated either to Northern Poland (poorest of lands taken from bombed out Prussia) or to Communist UkSSR. Stalin was eager to put them to his own brand of slave labor. My parents prayed and waited for four years until America opened its doors. I was born while they waited in DP Camp Aschaffenburg.

United Ukrainian American Relief Committee, NY, sponsored many Ukrainians to come to the USA. John and his wife were shuttled into four DP camps while waiting for sponsorship to America. Their passage was paid by donations by other American Ukrainians. John Kaczmar and his family emigrated from Bremen.

Finally late in 1949, Ewdokia, John and their two children boarded SS General Le Roy Eltige ship in Bremen and were 9 days at sea. The DPs were cabined in the center of the ship. Eva and the children shared a cabin with two other women. John worked for passage in the kitchen and was housed with the men. Ewdokia didn't work because she was very sea sick.

General Le Roy Eltinge made only five trips taking refugees to America and John and his family were fortunate to be on the last trip. It then went back to transporting soldiers to & from war destinations.

When the Kaczmars arrived in America, they were shuttled around Pennsylvania, with people trying to find work for John. They were housed in the various church halls and parishioners brought them food.

John & Emilion on Freidrich's farm

John on the left; Emilion on the right.
Click here for more info on Emilion's family.

John & Emilion's mother: Maria Muzika
Click photo for her page.

Parafia Malkowice from LDS film #0766067: House #9: Marriage on June 15, 1840, between Pantaleon Cap (age 65) and Eva Kaczmar, (age 43, previous wife of Antonius Karczmar).

House 9: Petrus Kaczmar, farmer, son of Stephan and Maria Kaczmar had daughter, Pelagia, born on Oct. 17, 1845. Maria's parents were Basilius and Barbara Cap.

House #9: Stephanus Karczmar died on April 20 1839 at age 62

House #9: Antonius Karczmars died on August 31, 1839 at age 64

House #9: Basilius Karczmarz, born on February 6, 1840, son of Petrus Karczmarz and Maria (daughter of Basili Cap)

House 13: Basilus Bobko (farmer from Arlyki?, son of Basilius Bobko and Pelagia Spodar) and mother Maria (originally of Theodorus Babak and Eva Karczmarowa) had daughter Marya on June 26 1845.

House 22: Marriage on November 10, 1839, between Joannes Karczmar (farmer, age 19) and Catharina Fostiak (age 25, daughter of Basilii and Maria Fostiak, ).
Joannes Karczmarz and Catharina Fostiak had a daughter Maria Karczmarz, born on February 14, 1842, Maria died March 12, 1843, died at one month or one year old. I need to recheck these dates.
Joannes Karczmarz and Catharina gave birth to daughter, Prezeda Kaczmar, born on Nov. 1, 1843, in house #23,
Joannes Karczmarz and Catharina had son Basilius Karczmarz on 4 February 1847 again in house 22.

Archives of Przemyslu informed me of the following births in Malkowice, which I'm sharing with you in case it might be of interest in your searches:
Year of birth .............Name of child.........Father .........Mother:
1789 ................. Jan (John), son of Jan Kaczmar and Anastazji (Anastasia)
1800 ................. Maria, daughter of Iwana (John) Kaczmarz and Anastazji
1803 ................. Anna, daughter of Michaela (Michael) Kaczmar and Katarzyny (Katherine)
1803 ................. Elias, son of Stefana (Steven) Kaczmar and Jeriny
1805 ................. Daniel, son of Michaela Kaczmar and Katarzyny
1806 ................. Stefan, son of Stefana Kaczmar and Iriny (Irene)
1813 ................. Maria, daughter of Michaela Kaczmarz and Katarzyny
1817 ................. Aithalus, son of Piotra (Peter) Kaczmar and Marii (Maria)
1819 ................. Eudokia, daughter of Piotra Kaczmar and Katarzyny
1821 ................. Katarzyna, daughter of Tymoteusza (Timothy) Kaczmar and Marii
1821 ................. Teodor, son of Piotra Kaczmar and Katarzyny
1822 ................. Anastazja, daughter of Tymoteusza Kaczmar and Krystyny (Christine)

1824 ................. Maria, daughter of Stefana Kaczmar and Krystyny
1824 ................. Maria, daughter of Piotra Kaczmar and Katarzyny
1825 ................. Teodor, son of Ilko Kaczmar and Katarzyny
1826 ................. Bazyli (Vasyl/Basil), son of Timko Kaczmar and Krystyny
1827 ................. Symeon, son of Piotra Kaczmar and Parki
1827 ................. Katarzyna, daughter of Stefan Kaczmar and Pelagii (Pelahia)
1828 ................. Teodor, son of Tymko Kaczmar and Krystyny
1831 ................. Pelagia, daughter of of Piotr Kaczmar and Katarzyny
1832 ................. Jan, son of Tymoteusza Kaczmar and Krystyny
1836 ................. Daniel, son of Piotra Kaczmar and Katarzyny

Marriage year ............ Groom and bride:
1800 ................. Stefan Kaczmar and Irena Mialkowska
1820 ................. Tymoteusz Kaczmar and Maria Mialkowska
1822 ................. Tymoteusz Kaczmar and Krystyna Polujko
1826 ................. Stefan Kaczmar and Pelagia Labuza
1832 ................. Stefan Kaczmar and Anna Pitula Year death ............ Deceased:
1794 ................. Teodor Kaczmar
1817 ................. Maria Kaczmar
1818 ................. Jan Kaczmar
1821 ................. Maria Kaczmar
1828 ................. Anastazja Kaczmar
1867 ................. Eudokia, daughter of Danila Kurdiaki Kaczmar

This is good news to me because it shows that there were many Kaczmar families in Malkowice, and were not just passing through. They might have been cousins, etc.

Karczmary is a village in Poland. It is 188 miles (302km) south east of Warsaw and 18 miles (28km) north of Skelevka.

Alternative Name: Karczmary
Name Type: Native
Area / State: Przemysl
Area Type: Populated place
Latitude: 49.78333
Longitude: 22.88333
Latitude (DMS): 49° 46' 60 N
Longitude (DMS):22° 52' 60 E

From LDS film #2043499: Karczmary: House #18 Death: Apr. 22, 1839, Justina Karczmary, wife of Basilii Karczmary, farmer of Niedzieliska, died at age 54.

House #18:Death: March 7, 1840, Anastasia Kutney wife of Elias Karczmary (farmer) of Niedzielisku, died at age 40.

House #22: Death: February 15, 1838, Alexius Karczmary, son of Ahafia Karczmary of Niedzieliska, died at age 1

Marriage: September 20,1839, Alexius Pasciecznik (age 119, house #63 town of Hlebowice) and Maria (age 28, house #28 ), daughter of Joannis Karczmary and Towrenia, farmers of Niedzieliska,

House #48 Death: April 22, 1838, Parascevia Karczmary, wife of Eustachi Karczmary, farmer of Niedzieliska, died at age 34.

House 49 Born: June 23, 1838, Marina, daughter of Joannis Karczmary and Maria Niedzieliska, farmers of Niedzieliska,

Index to Marriage Records, Westchester County, NY, 1910 - 1927 K - L:
Kachman, Elias. 1915. 18506. A-0243 (2)
Kachmar, Marge. 1926. 1603. A-0243 (7)
Kacmar, Michael. 1910. 8729. A-0243 (1)
Kaczar, Stephen. 1915. 17653. A-0243 (2)
Kaczmar, Michael. 1910. 6669. A-0243 (1)
Kaczmar, Michael. 1910. 13199. A-0243 (1)
Kaczmar, Michael. 1910. 13257. A-0243 (1)
Kaczmar, Xenia. 1910. 5792. A-0243 (1)
Fallen soldiers from the village of VISTOVYCHI: KACHMAR, Fedir Mykhailovych, b. 1911 in the village of VISTOVYCHI, Sambirs'kyi Raion, L'vivs'ka Oblast, Ukraine. Ukrainian. Mobilized in 1944. Disappeared without trace in May 1945. Source: "KNYHA PAM'IATI UKRAINY" (translation: book Remembrance / recollection / memory of Ukraine).
From 1787 Austrian Cadastral Records present day SE Poland: Bortne (Ru) Bartne (Polish) in the Gorlice District, House 23: Kaszmarz / Kashmar

Bogusha (Ru) Bogusza (Polish) in the Grybow District, House 11: Kuczmar / Kuchmar
Bonarivka (Ru) Bonarowka (Polish) House 8: Kaczmarski /Kachmars'kyj (2 families)
Hvozdjanka (Ru) Gwozdzianka (Polish) Rzeszow district House 3: Kaczmarski / Kachmars'kyj

Kaczmars who died in Auschwitz: 1. Kaczmar, Andrzej (1900-08-26 - 1942-04-06)
Birthplace: Warolce, Place of Residence: Mechtahl, Denomination: katholisch

2. Kaczmar, Piotr (1892-05-15 - 1941-11-04)
Birthplace: Grabowiec, Place of Residence: Swiete, Denomination: greko-katholisch

City Archives in Würzburg writes: Sehr geehrte Frau Kaczmar,

Herr Dr. Christoph Bauer (Wissenschaftlicher Angestellter), Stadtarchiv Stadt Würzburg teilte zu Ihrer Anfrage folgendes mit: Die UNRRA- bzw. IRO - Akten für das Gebiet der Stadt Würzburg befinden sich im Stadtarchiv Würzburg. Sie sind durch eine nach Herkunftsländern untergliederte Personenkartei erschlossen. In dieser Kartei erscheinen

6 Träger des Namens Kaczmar: Dmitor, Johann, Miron, Rosalie und Stanislaw Kaczmar aus Polen sowie Dmitro Kaczmar aus der Ukraine.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen Translated: Very dear Mrs Kaczmar , Mr. Dr. Christopher Bauer (search specialist at city archives in the town Würzburg, answered your inquiry following at: The UNRRA - IRO - files in the region the town Würzburg are found in the Stadtarchiv Würzburg. They are under Herkunftslundern subdivided under personnel cards.

In these card index there are 6 references to the name of Kaczmar: Dmitre, John, Miron, Rosalie and Stanislaw Kaczmar out of Poland and Dmitro Kaczmar is out of Ukraine.

With friendly greetings,

Sept 9, 2014
Hi, Olga!
My father-in-law Bogdan Kaczmar was born in Przemysl in 1937 and in 1945 was relocated to URSS with his father and grandfather and grandmother (to Lviv)
His father Philip (born in the village Laszki near Przemysl) left appr 6-7 brother-sisters in Poland, as two other borthers moved to Ukraine too together with Philip.
Polish part of the family was relocated to former German areas nearby Kenigsberg. Somebody of them fled to USA. Unfortunately my Kaczmars lost any contact with relative in Poland.

There are 941 Kaczmar listed in Poland today. 
In Wroclawskie Wojiwodstwo there are 98,
in Zielonigorskie there are 93,
in Szczecinskie there are 31,
in Kozalinskie there are 20,
in Gorzowskie there are 39 and
in Gdanskie there are 26. These are all regions of German fallow land pre WW2.

Kindly, Volodymyr Semeniv MD

Ellis Island search for Kaczmar

Social Security Death Index at

My grandmother, Catharina Kacsmar, was born in Malcov (in Slovakia near the Polish border, near Bardejov) in 1866. She was daughter of Andreas Kaczmar and Anna Hirkola from Malyczo Barbara Schonder

My grandmother's maiden name was Kaczmar. My grandmother's first name was Francisia, her father was Jan, siblings (Steve, Pauline, Lilly, Justin and Jennie). I think most of these names were anglicized. My GGF was Mikhal and their children were Theo, Steve, Marie and Jan. Only have a record of Theo's (child who was Pawlo). Names listed in bold print all migrated to the US through Ellis Island. My grandparents and their family came from the town of Mikulince before W W l. Mikulince is located just north of Ternopol in the Galicia region [now Ternopil in Ukraine]. Ted O'Hirok

Ma grand-mïre paternelle s'appelait Maria Kaczmar (1873-1954 Nowy Sacz), fille de P (...) Kaczmar et de Xenia Gromadzka, nà(e) û Ropniatow et domiciliàe û Markopol. Elle a àpousà mon grand-pïre paternel Stanislas Luczkiewicz ( 1863-Busk, prïs Lwow 1923), le 22 juillet 1898 û Markopol, àglise de la Natività de Marie.
S'il existe une parentà possible, merci de me le faire savoir. En espàrant vous lire bientít et avec mes respectueux hommages.
Translation:The name of my parental grandmother was Maria Kaczmar (1873-1954 Nowy Sacz), daughter of P(...) Kaczmar and of Xenia Gromadzka, born in Ropniatow and living at Markopol. She married my paternal grandfather Stanislas Luczkiewicz (1863-Busk, near Lwow 1923), on 22 of July 1898 in Markopol, the Church of Blessed Virgin Mary. Here are photos. e-mail to: Olivier Luczkiewicz

Stephen (born in a slave/work camp in Coburg, Germany) and Pylyp Kaczmar (from Muzylowyczi, Galicia near Jaworiv) e-mail to: Olga Bardowell or Alexandra Kaczmar or Michael Kaczmar

Andrzej and Peter / Piotr Kaczmar (born in Milowice about 1888-1900 in Galicia), e-mail to: Wieslaw Kaczmar

Jan Kaczmar and Zofia Rech lived in Lubaczow near Ukraine, e-mail to: Krzysztof Kaczmar

Olexa and Jaroslaw Kaczmar (from Pykulytchi near Przemysl) e-mail to: J P Kaczmar

Ahafia Kaczmar (1861) and others from 1784 (from Vizhomlya, Norosilki and Lazki (west of Lviv, Ukraine), e-mail to: Mark G Dusyk

Michael Kaczmar (born in Konkee Perimeshlee village, Ukraine) -- see John Locke's web page: or e-mail to: John Locke Also related is Walter Kaczmar (1916-1986), e-mail to: Sheryl Kaczmar

George/Gregory Kaczmar was born in Chotyiniec Poland near the Ukraine border. The biggest city nearest this village is called Mostyska. Linda Kaczmar

Miguel Kaczmar, Juan Kaczmar and Ana Kaczmar, e-mail to: Eduardo Nardi

Michael Kaczmar from Lvivska, e-mail to: Leesa Gehman

Alexander Kachmar (born in Lviv in 1940); John Kaczmar (born in Sushica Rykova, Ukraine in 1913); Michailo Kaczmar (born in Przemysl, Poland in 1870), e-mail to: Alex Kachmar

Stephen Kaczmar; Justina Kaczmar, their ancestors coming from Sambor area (in Ukraine) to Philadelphia, e-mail to: D L George

Jim Kaczmar e-mail to: Duane Kaczmar

For Slovakian Kacmars (notice that these don't have a z) from Kroprivinica, Austria (then Czechoslovakia): Juraj Kacmar; Ellen / Ella (1900-1987); Michael KACMAR (1869-1949); Katherine (Katie) Mary KACMAR (1910-1994); Mary KACMAR (1891-1979) came to America as a small child, settled in Backus, PA. The Americanized version Kutchmire / Kutchmyre: John E. KUTCHMIRE (About 1895-1923); Michael KUTCHMYRE (1897-1992); George KUTCHMIRE (1907-1982) E-mail to: Linda Coate or do a surname search under family trees on her webpage.

My Kaczmar family is from Hrabovcik, Slovakia. I found the surname in church records of the marriage of my great grandmother in 1878. It was my g-g-grandmother's surname. E-mail to: Gloria

I have Kaczmar in my family, from Malcov, Saros, Slovakia. Maria Kaczmar married my GGM's brother, George Czingely (Cingel). She was born in 1861 and they were married in 1881. Jean Plazek

Antoni Kaczmar of Liczkowice, Poland Ralph Brandi For complete info check out his website geneablogy

I have relation to a Kaczmar who married a Paranka Budzinska in Uszkowice, Przemsylany on Feb 7th 1912, they had a son Michael. She came to America in 1921 as a widow. Info may not be all correct, but that's what I have. Sean Lyman

Thank you for this very interesting website. Its gotten my curiosity about my history since my grandfather's name was John also. My grandfather was born in the late 1890's. He had 14 children, one of which was my father. Of the 14, only 10 are left. I have well over 70 first cousins and more 2nd and 3rd cousins than I can count. Thank you again, Theresa Kaczmar Currie

Michael Kacmar (notice the Slovakians don't use a z) came to US in 1905 from Slovakia through Poland -- see website or e-mail to: Larry Majercin

Kaczmar from Poland:
Witam mam na imie Andrzej a nazwisko Kaczmar. Urodzilem sie w Budomierzu za Lubaczowem. Znalazlem ten adres i nazwisko w Internecie a szczegolnie mie zainteresowalo, je pochodzicie z tych samych stron, co ja i chcialbym wiedziec czy byc moze jestesmy spokrewnieni. Moja mama ma na imie Katarzyna Kaczmar z domu Kaczmar Moja zdjecia sa na Translation: Welcome, My name is Andrew and surname is Kaczmar. I was born in Budomierzu near Lubaczowem. Found your surname on internet, I'm interested in the details that is on your page, and I want to know whether we're related. My mother's name is Katherine Kaczmar from home of Kaczmar. I am the coach of karate; my webpage is:Andre Kaczmar Kaczmarczyk, Roman, Irena, Teresa-Josefa, Miroslaw-Roman; and Kaczmarek Jan sailed on ship Anna Salen, arrived at Fremantle, Western Australia on 31 Dec 1950, e-mail to: Amanda Lovitt

My maiden name is Kaczmarczyk. My grandfather was Stanley from the village of Bozy-Now. I only know that he had one brother Peter who lived in Belgium. Any info would be appreciated. Cindi Kaczmarczyk Gibson

All Kaczmarek from town of Iwno just east of Poznan and Karczmarek (notice the extra r, not a typo) inquiries are welcomed with: Donna Schumacher

Dear Friends
A good friend in Poland, Mr. Krzysztof Kaczmarek ( is searching for information on the heritage of his grandmother's family who left Poland in 1880 and initially settled in Buffalo NY....Anyone on the list researching this line?

2/1/06 Olga,
My name is Alex Kachmar. In Poland, it's Kaczmar. Father's father, my dido, was from Vysochany, Lemkivshchyna. My father was born in McAdoo Pennsylvania, USA. Went to the old country and married my mother, Paraska Holovaty, from Repid, Lemkivshchyna. If your roots are from my parent's land, please write Alex Kachmar

6/16/06 Dear Olga,
My name is Barbara Przybylowska (maiden name Kaczmar). I was born is Sulechów (West Poland) in 1955. My parents are Maria i Czeslaw Kaczmar. They came from West Ukraine (from Czortków near Tarnopol) to Poland after 2nd World War. I have many couisins who's name Kaczmar in Sulechów. I think, that you are also my family. It would be wonderful! Your sincerely, Basia, Poland

Hello, I found information on the Web about history of familly - Kaczmar. My name is Kaczmar and I'm from Poland. I'm interested in my familly history, but don't know much, I know that my grandfather was John Kaczmar and he was born in 1927 year in Ukraine (I heard about village Wistowice or something like that), his wife and my grandmother is Anna. After second world war, they go to Poland, near city - Szczecin, and live there nowadays. So maybe You know something about my family... Greats from Poland. Dominik Kaczmar

6/17/06 Pavlokoma memorial
On May 13 in Poland near Peremysl and Galacia, close to where we were born, called Pavlokoma (Rzesow region) they opened a big cemetary, where in 1945 Poland, 365 Ukrainian people were murdered. For this, the Ukrainians killed 9 Polish people in this village. They installed a memorial for the 61st anniversary of the murdered Ukrainians. During the year of the murder, I was returning home from Germany, they were murdering in many villages like this. Near my wife's village, there were 20 Ukrainian boys, priest and wife, lover and son-in law; and a 3-year old child in mother's arms was bayonetted to death by the Polish. D. Domarad.

1/26/2008 Hello!
My name is Monika Kaczmar, my father comes from Ukraine, from Jagielnica, from Polesia Tarnopolskiego, born in 1936. His father's name is Kazimierz, my father is Bronis?aw. As me know he and his mother (second), father and sister from Jagielnica become to opolskie province. Later my father was study in Wroclaw. Now we live in Jelenia Góra (Lower Silesia). Sorry, that I answer, but my father write about everything. I'm starting know of history my family, with my father of course.Thanks to this page. Monika Kaczmar

6/26/10 Dear Olga,
i have read your family history on your website and i have enjoyed it. it also gave me some ideas and possibilities about my surname. i have been looking for some information about the origins of my surname spelt kachmar, but i can't really say that i have been able to find anything solid about where it originates from. i was born in Lebanon, the south of Lebanon.

The Kachmars in Lebanon are relatively small and they are only concentrated in the south of the county mainly around the small towns and villages surrounding the relatively large town of Odeissi.  it would seem to me that they go back , at least few hundred years, and they may have come to Lebanon and settles in that area, but where exactly they came from, no one really knows. it would be nice to find out a bit more that of course, maybe on day.

anyway i just wanted to share that with you , thought it might interest you. i live in england now and have been for nearly 30 years,
i guess i am one of those Kachmars who travelled and settled else were..

it would be nice to hear from you.
for now, best wishes
sam kachmar

7/12/10 David L Kazmer is looking for relatives with this Kazmer spelling. You may reach him on

Helping out a young fellow Ukrainian who is looking for his family member. Does anyone know of or remember a Mikolay Kaczmar? From Deshychi/Дешичі,Lviv Oblast He came to Australia in 1949 on the ship General Stewart and possibly stayed at Bagabilla camp and then lived in Melbourne. He had friends that came to Melbourne at the same time but lost touch with them. The family has been trying many different avenues but not getting far. Ironically they have found friends and siblings of the friends and are bemused that they cannot find anything about Mikolay. Chances are he was able to find work in other places Snowey Mtns, Port Kembla, Newcastle North Queensland sugar fields and or cities.Contact Валерій Савка on FaceBook should you or a member of your family remember Mikolay Kaczmar. ok. Below is a photo of Mykolay at age 37 when he came to Australia. He may have changed his name as some did when taking citizenship. Added spelling may be 'Kachmar'

Leaving Cornberg registry submitted by Nadjia Beatles Fan

Cornburg emigration leaving Cornberg

Olga Bio Photo
Olga Kaczmar / USA

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