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In Ukrainian, med means honey and vedmid means bear. The combination may be... honey bear. Or, maybe one who collects of honey.
If anyone knows, differently... Olga Kaczmar's tree: About Stefan Wachalivski and Maria Medwid

Stephanus Wachalivski was born in 1790, in house #1 in Javirnyk near Sanok, now Poland (previously Austria.) Stephan married Maria Medwid / Medwidivna (of Dolzyca) in 1812. He was a large landowner and a molinaris (miller). At age 57 years, he died in 1847 in house #59.

Stephan's wife, Maria Medwid, was born in 1794 in Dolzyca, Austria (daughter of Theodore or Fedor Medwid and Anastasia Mirga) and died in 1842 at 48 years old. Together, Stefan and Maria had 10 children: Joseph (born 1813); Theodoro (born 1815); Basilus (born 1819); Onufrius (born 1821); Anoseas (born 1826); Theodora Fenna (born 1828 - a New Year baby); Michael (born 1831); Anna (born ?); Magdalena

Stephan and Maria's eldest child Joseph Wachalivski married Tekla Chalupa. Joseph and Tekla had a child named Stefan (b: 25 Dec 1859), who married Maria. Stefan and Maria had a child named Nikolai (born 1891 died 1963), who was my grandfather. That is 6 generations from me.

Medwied / Medwid / Nedwid / Niedwiedz / Medvid from Austrian Cadatral Records, 1787, cited by Krasovs'kyj: See: Medwid from Dolzyca. , item #11, St. Michael the Archangel church destroyed in 1840, see LDS film #0766018 Komancza

Maria Medwid, (daughter of Stefani Medwid and Anna Pankowychi of Dolzyca, age 25) married Joseph Giga (son of Theodor & Anna Giga) married on June 3, 1855

Joannes Medwid (son of Jacobi Medwid of Dolzyca, age 18 born 1799) married Anna Leczcynza, (daughter of Gregorii, age 15, born 1802); married in Komancza on 27 Jan 1817. Town of Kjaton / Kjatona / Kwiaton there were two families belong to St Paraskevija church. ,

Town of Volovec / Wolowiec, families from Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary 1880, still standing.

Town of Vyslok Velykyu / Wislok Wielki, see item #92 LDS film 0765864, Church Holy Ghost

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Medwid Medvid


Father: Michael Luczka, son of Theodore Luczka and Mariae Balaz, famers, Corlium (land owners)

Mother: Anna, daughter of Stephani Torhan and Parascevae Medwid, farmers in Dolcyca

Above Anna Torhan and Michael Luczka had daughter Maria Luczka on 26 May 1870 in Radoszyce in house #86

Father: Theodorus Medwid, farmer in Radoszyce, son of Basillus Medwid farmer, Dolczca and Anna Greg denca?

Mother: Thecla orginally of father, Theodore Cap, farmer in ?, and mother Maria, daughter of Dudyk

Baby: Above Theodor Medwid and Thecla Cap Medwid had daughter Juliarinati Medwid on 28 December 1863 in house #114 in Radoszyce


Thank you Olga for all your work on the Medwid family!
I would appreciate any information from anyone who reads this website on the Katarzyna Medwich 
She married Grzegorz Dolzycki of Dolzyca or Smolnik (Sanok, Poland)

Their children were:
Maria Dolzycka (b. 1850),
Irena Dolzycka (b. 1851),
Jan Dolzycki (b. 1861),
Andrzej Dolzycki (b. 1864),
Metro (Dymitri) Dolzycki (m. Anna Sawoczka), and
Wasyl Dolzycki (m. Helen Soroka).
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RE: Komancza LDS film #766081 Medwids in my line:
Maria Medwid (born 1882) was my grandmother. Her father, Wasyl or Basilius, his father was Michael Medwid who was the son of Panko or Panteleimon Medwid and Panko was the son of Iwan Medwid and Anna Lewicki.
Donna Hoff-Grambau

5/10/10 Hi Olga,
My great grandmother, Florence Medwid sent two of her daughters to America in early 1900's; Martha and Akila Medwid.
Martha married Peter Hurey and settled in Pittsburgh; Akila married August Gabor and settled in Charleroi, PA.
It's been difficult getting info on Hurey's and Gabor's background although I believe they were familiar with each other in the old country.
The attached picture (click to enlarge) of Florence Medwid appears to have been taken out in the fields (she picked potatoes)  but I thought the backdrop, that carpet, may be of significance to a particular village. It may just be a backdrop!! I would like to know a village/town name. It's in the Lemko region. The name Kjaton/Kjatona sound very familiar !
Being a fellow Pittsburgher, you know how difficult it is to get church records. It seems everyone had a fire or flood and records are not available. I appreciate your involvement and help. Best regards, Lola

Thank you for your website. My husband's Medwid line came from Chernicza, Brody, Poland, although by the time his grandfather returned in the 1970s, it was part of Ukraine. Holly

My mother's maiden name is Orysia Medwid. She was born in Ukraine and came to America with her parents Iwanna and Volydimir Medwid. His parents, also from Ukraine, are Michael Medwid and Maria Tamasiuk. I think he had two sisters named Yula Khowaylo and Steffa (don't know her married name). Sound familiar??? Hope so.
Helena , Virginia

My great grandfather Stefan Medvigy was from Dolzyca, Poland. He was born in 1835. He left Dolzyca around 1855 to 1865?? and traveled across the Carpathian Mountains and settled in Polata, Slovakia. Polata is where my grandmother was born. She later emigrated to Pittsburgh, PA in the USA.
Regards, Mike Kozy, Pittsburgh, PA.

Unfortunately, I don't have enough on my Medwid family from Galicia to be able to connect to yours. I know mine lived in Smerek, Lisko county.
3x GGF.........................George Medwid + Anna Tokarczyk
2x GGF.........................Joannes Medwid + Pelagia Lazoryszyn
GGF..............................Mikolai Medwid + Kristina Bettle (in USA)

Pelagia remarried after my GGGF died. She married Mike Kopylczak and they lived in Strubowiska. They had 4 kids, 3 of which came to the USA. My GGF, Mikolai had a brother and sister that also emigrated.
Regards, Jean Plazek, Ohio

Searching Mary Miedwid Noreen Krutz (Olga's comment: Unfortunately, every one had a Mary in the family. It's hard to track the Marys.)

My grandfather, Walter Medwid immigrated from Poland to the US around 1929 or 1930. He died in 1979 in the town where he had lived about 50 years in Norwalk, Connecticut, USA. His wife and my grandmother was Anna Boyko from the Ukraine. She passed away just a couple of years ago.
Cheers, e-mail: Michael Medwid Michael & Sonya Medwid home page

My G-Ggparents were Giga's and Medwid's too. Do you know a Yuri (George)? Giga married a Maria Medwid (married around 1920, both born around the turn of the century), four children (three girls, one boy) that lived in southern Poland and Ukraine?
Chris, email:

Olga Bio PhotoOlga Kaczmar / USA

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