Pfaffenhoffen DP Camp

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I have just returned from a trip to Germany to research records and to obtain information about my father.

I was able to find original documents for some of the items I was researching. The German people are very friendly and want to help you. Pfaffenhoffen is a historic town, established sometime in the year 1000, which makes it older than Munich (München) which was established about 1050. The people there are all very friendly and helpful.

Here are photographs and a map from Pfaffenhoffen. The gold star on the map indicates the location of the DP camps, along Ingolstadter Strasse. I met with two of the persons employed at the city's archives. Both were professional and very courteous and went the extra mile to help me in my research.

The DP barracks have all been demolished, except the one in which my sister was born! Feel free to post these pictures on your website.

I could not find a trace of my father, but was given several good leads to research. Could you please post the name Jozef Kurek -- a Polish officer, with blonde hair, blue eyes, very tall, and that I am offering a reward for information or photographs of him.

I also visited the Altenstadt DP camp and will send you some pictures and info on that.

Thanks for all your help. Mari Sutton

Pfaffenhoffen church by the barracks

Pfaffenhoffen city center

Pfaffenhoffen train station

Pfaffenhoffen barracks

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