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Hi Olga,
Just found your so interesting site and read everything. I really enjoyed this trip to my parents' world, in Ukraine. The name Pitula always stirs something in me. My mother, Xenia Pitula, was born in Bonariwka (Leopol-Krosnos), Ukraine in 1905 and went to France in 1930. Her father was Simeon Pitula, son of (Ivan or) Michel Pitula and Orin Jottysik and her mother was Christina Holodynski, daughter of Joann Holodynski and Evae Levko. Evae Levko's brother, Petro Ivan Levko was a university professor in Warsaw. My mother had 3 brothers, Yurko, Vassel and Joseph (passed away in France a few years ago), and 4 sisters, Paraska, Irene, Marta, and Melania (passed away in Hamilton, Canada 7 years ago).

My father, Stephan Hawrysz was born in Herbaczew Premysl in 1906 and went to France in 1931. His father was Gabriel and his mother was Maria Hladky. He had one brother and 4 sisters who worked in a hotel in Lviv. He joined them when the parents died and was a horse-drawn carriage taxi driver getting people from the train station to the hotel.

Does this info and names mean anything to you or to anyone reading this mail? Do I have relatives somewhere? Would you have some more infos? Thank you. Marika Flemke / Canada; email: mariefle@videotron.ca

12/15/04 Olga:
I found your website and wanted to mention that I have Pitula family too. My great-grandmother, Theodora Pitula, came to the U.S. in 1906 via a Cunard steam ship. She came with her father, Michal Pitula; her mother, Pracida (Banaszak) Pitula; her sister, Anna Pitula; and her brother, Jozef Pitula. Several of her uncles and their families had come to the U.S. before them and settled in South Bend, Indiana. That is where they moved also. I would love to find out where my busia came from in Poland. My grandmother tells me that she and her family worked for a barron in Poland until they saved the money for the trip. I have not been able to find the ships records yet but I hope to soon. All that I have on my direct line is below.

.... 1 Michal Pitula
.... 2 Michel "Michael" Pitula b: February 12, 1862 in Poland d: May 04, 1929 in South Bend, St. Josephs County, Indiana
.... 3 Theodora "Dorothy" Pitula b: May 25, 1893 in Poland d: July 27, 1980 in Norwalk, Los Angeles, California Burial: July 30, 1980 Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier, California .... 3 Anna Pitula b: Abt. 1895 in Poland d: Abt. August 1964 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Immigration: 1906 On the Cunard Steamship lines from Poland to Liverpool and then to Ellis Island. .... 3 Jozef "Joseph" Pitula b: March 09, 1890 in Poland d: October 01, 1923 in South Bend, St. Josephs County, Indiana Burial: St. Joseph Cemetery

You can view my other information on http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com Or email me:Jennifer Race-Sanders / USA; jenifersan@hotmail.com

Hi Olga, I am researching my grandfather Alexander Warchalowski. Saw you posting. He came from Poland about 1899 and married Paraska Ratko (known as Frances in the US). They had 13 children, eldest, Aunt Mary married a Stanley PITULA, a name also on your list. I know grandma was a Lemko and from the Ukraine. Does any of this sound like your family? They settled in Bergen County, New Jersey. They were Greek Catholics. Let me know if this is any of your relations. Maureen Baldassini / USA; Josebalda@cs.com

10/22/04 Olga,
Hi, my name is Steve Smith and I am a baseball researcher and historian. I am doing a biography of Stan Pitula who pitched for the Cleveland Indians in 1957. I came across your above posting which contained the reference line: "I am researching my grandfather Alexander Warchalowski ... Stanley PITULA. " I am pretty sure that the Stan Pitula who pitched in the major leagues is the son of the Stanley Pitula who married Aunt Mary referred to above. Stan Pitula passed away in 1965. I am looking for relatives of Stan Pitula who may be able to assist me in my research. I know that Stan was married in 1955 to Norma Sauerman of Paramus NJ and later the two were divorced sometime in the early 1960s. They had (at least) two daughers, the second Lisa Jean borm in Paramus NJ in 1958. I do not know the whereabouts of Norma or the children nor do I know if they subsequently were married and took a different name. I know of no other living relatives of Stan Pitula. Any assistance you might give me would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve Smith Englewood FL / USA; SSmith2084@aol.com

6/30/05 Hi Olga,
I'm also known as Jack Pitula, son of George William Pitula who is the son of Alois Pitula AKA in the US, Loius Pitula who was from Moravia. He was the son of Joseph Pitula and brother to Anna and Romuel. Their father's father was also named Joseph Pitula and he was reportedly picked up on the side of a road and adopted by the Pitula family as a child or a teen while he was dressed all in white! And there our story ends. Jack
john pitula johnpitula@earthlink.net


Dear Olga,
Hello, my name is Jim Dech. My paternal grandmother's name was Paulina Pitulay or maybe spelled Pitulaj. Her father was Roman Pitulay(j). Her mother was Josephine Fischer. The Pitulay(j) family was Roman Catholic. We do not know how or where daughter Paulina met her future husband, Heinrich Dech. There were many Dech families living in Galicia west and south of Stanislav (Ivano-Frankovsk) around Kalusz, Landestreu, Ugartsthal, Horocholina and other places.

Roman Pitulay(j) apparently had some some basic education. He worked for the Austrian railroads in some capacity, and at some time around 1880 was assigned to a railroad inspector's task in the Russian controlled area just east of the Galician border where he settled his family in a village called Antopol northwest of a town called Miaskowka. Antopol is still on Mapquest as Antopol. But the modern name for Miaskowka is Gorodkivka or Horodkovka, which are apparently Ukrainian-style names. The Pitulay(j)'s had four daughters, one of whom was my grandmother Paulina, and one son. There was no R.Catholic church in Antopol so they attended the R.Catholic church in Miaskowka. One by one, the Pitulay(j) daughters married and then emigrated to Canada except one of the daughters stayed behind when her husband also emigrated. The son married in Canada. Paulina and Heinrich, my grandparents, emigrated to Saskatchewan, Canada, in 1889.

Roman Pitulay(j) died in Antopol supposedly in 1909, and supposedly was buried from the Catholic church in Miaskowka where he is also supposedly buried. His widow Josephine emigrated by herself to Canada at the age of 82. She is actually buried in North Dakota and her death record does have any specific place of birth - simply Austria. I would dearly love to know if the church in Miaskowka still exists, and whether there is any death record for Roman there or elsewhere. The death record could possibly show his place of birth. With that piece of information, we could start an effort to find his birth in the church records. I don't know if it would ever be possible to trace Josephine's history and how or where they met and married., or where they lived before they moved to Russia.

For a long time, we had no idea what kind of name 'Pitulay" is, German or Polish. An expert who has published a book on Polish surnames, William Hoffman, says it is almost certainly Polish. Roman lived, of course, when there was no Poland, and was said to be an Austrian citizen, perhaps even retaining Austrian citizenship while living in Antopol, "Russia". Of course, anyone who lived anyplace in the Austro-Hungarian empire was an Austrian citizen. That covers a lot of ground. Regards,
Jim Dech 611jjdech@usfamily.net Minnesota

On 7, Jun 2009, Andre Michaud wrote:

Hello , I saw you were looking forcousins , specially PITULA .....I ''m André from France , teaching in a college , but nearly retired .... for years I've been looking for Anna Pitula, my unknown Polish grandmother ....she is supposed to be born in Malkowice , near Przemysl (Ukrainian border ) on January 21st 1906..... She probably came to France in the years 1925-27 to work in a farm or as a servant in a family....and my mother was born in France in October 1927 but abandonned one month later and my grandmother disappeared !!!! That a great mystery ... intensive genealogical searching on internet and on mails with Polish archivums ....I went to Poland for the 1st time (that was a beautiful trip with a lot of discoveries and friendly meetings) last April, for 10 days , but I didnt find any more precisions or details ... my mother is still alive (82 y)and hopes to discover the truth but I wonder where my grand mother went (I think she didn't stay in France ) and didn't return to Poland, but maybe in USA, Canada, Australia , or .. England and Germany ????? In Poland I discovered that the Pitulas from Malkowice were Greco-Catholics and that was a great surprise for me ... Ihaven'theard about that religion before and I probably have manycousins in USA, Ukraine, Poland of course. Many Pitulas have emigrated to USA, Canada in 1890-1927...... We may be cousins !!! I hope we 'll exchange information and details ...Best regards André andrem42@hotmail.com

hi Olgaat the moment i'm still searching for my unknown grand-mother Anna PITULA ... Ifound a pitulafamily in normandy , france, the man jean-marie pitulaborn in 1939 , his father bohdan pitulaborn in bonarowka , poland ,came to francein 1933 and married théresechateletin 1936.... bohdan pitula had a brother leon " lew " born in 1923(,,??)who came to usa...he probably died in 1995 in new hampshire.. ( jean-marie and lew 's parents were timothy pitula and justine kaczmarskithey probably stayed in poland .. did they have other children ?? )) )...other pitulas ( from bonarowka ) came to usa, mainly iwan pitula ( 1911)...ewa pitula (1901 ) ...tomas pitula ( 1901) do yyou have details about them ?ther

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