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DP Camps in Schulenburger, Germany

Camps: In Hannover, Germany, Land Niedersachsen (British). As far as I can tell, there were four civilian factories where the slave labor worked for the Nazis. This camp seems to have been named after the street it was on.

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Thanks Olga, for helping archive info about DP camps and life.

I was born in Hannover and lived with parents and other relatives in the Schulenburg camp, outside of Hannover. My family was there for about seven years; we emigrated in 1952 to US. I asked my Dad and he says it's: Schulenburg--not Schulenburger; and he did not work in any factories during his stay; from 1949 to 1951. He remembers it as a small camp of a few or couple hundred people. It was former German-soldier training camp with barracks and bunkers. Here are my photos from camp.
Thanks, again, Vera Otasevic Scroggins veraduerga@yahoo.com

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Dusan Otasevic   Rosa 1
This photo is of father, Dusan Otasevic, a Serbian Jugoslav.  
My mother, Rosa, was full Italian.

Wedding 1wedding 2

Group of 15

Mother and some other relatives full Italians married Serbian ex-soldiers. They hid their Italian backgrounds to some degree and took Serbian last names to stay in camp; afraid they would have to leave since it was full of Baltic, eastern people.
My grandfather is Branko Sretenovic; Godfather is Randjel Stojanovic; and they all had families and wives there.


Dusan & Vera
group of 4
vera in chair
My father and I.
My family.
Mom in camp
Schulenburg Camp
Mom in camp.

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