Slave Labor in Camps in Poland -


Anhalt - pow.Myslowiec

near Chelm Wielki FLC: Zal fotr Jews, mentioned 1940- 42; 600 - 1500 prisoners, woodcutting (former inmates)

Annaberg - Swieta Anna (St. Anne) - pow Bytom

FLC. ZAL for Jews, established 1940; 200-450 prisoners, closed and transferred to the steel works of Stalow-Wola in Oct 42

Andrzejow - pow Lodz

FLC: Zal for Jews, first mentioned Jan 43, about 500 prisoners, railway construction, evacuated Sept '43 to CC Auschwitz (former inmates)

Abramovice - pow Lublin

FLC: Zal for Jews, established 1940, 200-300 male and 60-90 females, agricultural work; in 1942 the prisoners were sent to CC Majdanek

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